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Comparative Costs - 1500 Square Foot Residence

Block Wall Construction VS QBilt/Duratherm SIP Panels

Typical Block Construction

Typical QBilt Construction

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks
Block Foundations
500% Heavier than QBilt = Higher Costs
Wall Construction
Traditional Block                   QBilt
  • Blocks                               NO
  • Rebar                                NO
  • Cement/Mortar                NO
  • Concrete Skeleton           NO
  • Forms                               NO
  • Equipment                        NO
  • Water, Electricity             NO
  • Labour                        75% Less
  • Insurances                       YES
  • (Social) + Taxes         70% Less    
Timeline: 1-2 Weeks
Block Construction Summary
Costs per Square Foot: $42.00
"Obra Negra" Summary
Structure only 
Electrical Conduit installed
Plumbing pipes to fixtures
QBilt Construction Summary
Costs per Square Foot: $42.00
Block Construction Additional Costs
  • Block wall preparation
  • Plaster inside and out
  • Sealing plaster
  • Primer and Paint
  • 100% additional labour costs
Timeline: Additional 4-6 Weeks
Timeline: 14 Days
QBilt Homes are ready for occupancy 75% sooner than block build homes, showing equal strength and security, while providing for superior finished surfaces. No cracking, no peeling of plaster or paints. Waterproof. Mold and mildew proof. Straight plumb walls. Far quieter indoor environment.
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