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"We are building with a sense of logic and economics. Your security and safety is integral to our concepts of living well. Duratherm SIP and the intergrated building system created by their team of engineers and manufacturing experts helps us deliver this to each and every client."

Our team of architects and engineers have designed several homes for our community as a basis for your consideration. We offer you to look at these plans and we also offer you the opportunity customize your home to meet your specific tastes and personal needs.


From colors and textures to walkways, wide doorways and walk-in bathtubs and all the other great features not normally offered by the traditional or custom builder.

Our commitment to your environment and your well being includes features not found in Los Cabos to date. Take a look, we aim to impress you !

Superior Structure
Built in a Blink...

Our homes are built to withstand the harsh weather of Los Cabos. Duratherm SIP Panels are certified for use in U.S.A. hurricane regions and approved by State Governments, we use the most durable SIP panel system on the planet. Earthquake tested to 8.5 Richtor scale, where other systems have failed.

*Tested to U.S.A. Dade County 200 mile per hour winds through 8,000 test cycles.

Using a patented modular structural building system, we can erect and finish a 1,600 square foot house in less than 21 days. This means your family can enjoy Los Cabos a whole season sooner than in a traditonal build system of block or 3D panels. This is guaranteed in your construction contract.

Energy Savings

Our homes not only have the higest levels of insulation and they are of the lowest thermal mass, meaning they do not retain heat like concrete or adobe structures. This amounts to cooler days and cooler nights,  Your new home therefore requires 60%-80% less energy and 50% smaller A.C. units than 99% of other homes built in BCS.

Designs to delight you... 

Your home selection can range from 800 to 1,600 square feet of primary living space. One tow or three storeys tall. And you can add any pre-approved or predesigned attached or detached casita/garage at a later date. Check out our Gallery of completed homes!

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