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"Built with minimal impact and efficiency in mind, our homes reflect our beliefs that  positive change brings positive results."

QBilt Homes use Duratherm SIP construction systems to create minimal site damage, while using almost no water, concrete, steel or typical construction waste associated with home building.

Our name says it all...

Take a look at this video of a simple 2 day building process. Now take away 80% of the people, because this was a training day for more than 30 associated contractors staff members. A normal working crew consists of less than 6 people, including plumbers and electricans.

Building your home

The fact is that QBilt/Duratherm Homes can be customized to your requirements, and the fact that we can typically erect an 1,800 square foot two storey home ready for finishes in less than 14 days.

We are confident enough to state in our contracts a full penalty clause if we fail to meet our construction deadlines.

How to Build with Duratherm QBilt SIPS

Building with Duratherm SIPs is an option for the DIY type of builder, however, training by an Authorized Duratherm Representative is a required for warranty purposes, as well as engineering certification.  See the Basic Principals of product assembly using this link.

For more information and Education about our Durable wood product, please see the following button.
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