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Casa Schmidt - November 17th, Day 15 of the Build

Currently on a 24 day vertical build schedule, including plumbing and electrical wiring, and a 30 day schedule with paint and exterior stucco.

Casa Schmidt - February 4th, Day 64 of the Build

This project is complete on our behalf and awaits cabinets and hardware. We met our 45 day build schedule for vertical and or 60 day schedule for the interior and exterior walls finished with high quality elastomeric paint and stucco, including 100 meters of three meter high perimeter walls. The budget was maintained within 7% of estimates. Failures due to design changes affected project timing.

Building services by Goldcoast Construction.


Light weight concrete deck


Seamless highly reflective exterior finish.


Flexible enough to withstand earthquakes and hurricane storm abuse.


A fully encapsulating rubber stucco finish

Build Day 45

Day 45 of Build...Windows in and Stucco on..

Decked Out...

Quite the view....

CSL Build

Day 28 - 16 panels to go...

Day 28

Steel and Duratherm. A Good Match

Day19-Beams Up !

Day 18-The steel is up!


Done in 7 Days

50% less Trucking

One load equals 1000 square feet of home.

Teams prepare for assembly
Day 5- Great Progress
Day 7 - Getting faster at it !
Walls go up quickly and securely

Integrated wiring saves time and money.

Build Fast

A Team of less than six men required.

The second floor starts on day 11
Day 12- Second floor is down
Inserting splines to join panels
Day 14-On schedule for now
Day 20-Decks Ahead
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