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"The evolution of building technology will bring great change, and weath into the hands of the common people.."

We did say fire-proof and we meant it.

Check out this video of a testing procedure carried out by professionals in safety gear. 

We did say Durable

Check out this video of a testing procedure we did in-house. Clearly we are superstrong!! Duratherm panels are stronger than typical cement block walls, impervious to sledge hammers, torches and even car crashes.

We did say earthquake proof.

Tested and certified in a U.S.A. based testing facility. This is not true for concrete/block or 3D panel building systems, which need extensive repair from an equal earthquake test condition.


Duratherm meets all North American Engineering Standards for construction and is certified accordingly. This includes Dade County Florida hurricane standards. Duratherm SIp Panels are also NOM and DIT Certified. Please request formal certification documents by contacting us directly.

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