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Interior Finishes...

We offer several choices of floor finishes, as well as a variety of countertops and cabinet styles to suit your personal tastes. Windows are available in vinyl, aluminum and glass with self tinting and shatterproof characteristics.

Standard features include acid washed and polished concrete floors, flush LED ceiling light fixtures, constant pressure water services and water conserving fixtures and toilets.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Options...

With over 30 years of experience in energy conservation and mechanical system design and installation, QBilt team members are able to offer their clients a unique range of equipment options.

We install PEX hot and cold water piping, constant pressure pumps, 28-61 SEER air conditioning systems, solar electric and hot water systems, 98% efficient propane water heaters and high quality LED lighting systems, to name a few.  

Exterior Finishes...

The exterior of your home will be simple and easy to maintain. Accent window and door trims, dressed or rough stone for specific windows, doors, walls and corners are easily added.

Roofing options include tile or new cleanly dressed roof finishes. 

Tinted shatterproof windows, window shutters and super-strong metal clad doors are some of the exterior options we offer to our clients.

You have never had so much choice...

We are available to discuss your specific interests and are happy to assist you with making the right decision for your home. Whether you are building a garage, casita, home or resort, QBilt can deliver your project faster than our competitiors.

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